You Are Called, You Are Chosen, You Are Loved

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Devastated by the end of her twenty-year marriage, Cynthia Salmon feels confused, sad, and frustrated by the abandonment by both her husband and now seemingly God. Left questioning everything she is and believes, Cynthia decides to embark on a cross-country trip toward her childhood home and memories—both happy and painful. As Cynthia revisits her childhood in her mind, two demonic figures accompany her on her journey, determined to sway Cynthia to loyally follow their evil plan. Along the way, Cynthia meets Elizabeth, a young girl suffering from a different pain. As God uses Cynthia’s story to reveal His deep love for Elizabeth, each finds assurance that they are dearly loved daughters of the King. Yet it is this same encounter that will thrust both of them into a war, not of Earth but in the heavenly realms where the powers of darkness not only threaten the freedoms of their country but also their lives. In this Christian story, a woman searching for comfort after a devastating loss sets out on a spiritual journey where she discovers the absolute truth that she is indeed called, chosen, and unfailingly loved by God.

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