Management Traps

Signs Managers Miss
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  • Published: April 2019
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  • ISBN: 9781480876149
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Do you struggle making sure your staff does the right thing, in the right way, and at the right time?
Managing people can be a daunting task, even for those managers who have had good and extensive management training. Anyone can accidentally fall into hard-to-recognize traps when communicating performance goals or process improvements to co-workers and staff.
As our high-tech environment creates a greater need for social and communication skills in the workplace, avoiding these traps is becoming more critical. In this guide, Larry Miller, a human resources expert, walks you through how to:
• confront people to solve problems;
• repeat critical messages to promote action and results;
• question assumptions when deciding who
to hire; and
• measure the right things when evaluating employees.
The author also explores how to lead by example, communicate well with others, avoid hasty conclusions, and choose the right words to inspire improved performance.
Regardless of the size of company, type of company, or requirements and duties of any job, management traps occur. Avoid or resolve these traps and improve your bottom line in the process with the lessons in this guide.

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