The Lies We Were Told

From Foehood to Sisterhood
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The number one cause of contentious relationships in society is patriarchy. It’s a system that puts men at the head of the family and defines how women relate to one another, how men and women engage, and social responsibilities for women as leaders. But it’s up to those who feel its impact most—women—to change the narrative.

In The Lies We Were Told, author Dr. Eloise M. Fulton-Taylor challenges us, as women, to see one another differently. It offers a new vision that sees women against the backdrop of a well-established but faulty system meant to control us. Patriarchy linked women’s stability to toxic systems of forced competition, hierarchy, and survival challenges. Dr. Fulton-Taylor proposes that instead of seeing one another as rivals who are only out for revenge and punishment, we see each other as by-products of someone else’s idea.

If you have ever wanted to know the root cause of disagreements between women (and girls), you will want to read this book. If you have ever thought that there has to be a reason for all of this negativity surrounding our relationships, then you need to read this book. And if you have ever thought that you were fighting a losing battle when it came to real relationships with other women (or girls), then look no further—The Lies We Were Told has the answers you have been waiting for but never realized.

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