Book 1 of the Counterpoint Series
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One question has plagued Sebine her whole life: What am I? She knows she’s not human. Humans seem scared of her. She’s seen vampires and knows she’s not one of them either. She’s tall, incredibly strong, and has a temper she can’t control. The only person who can calm her down when she snaps is her adopted sister Luna.

Despite the occasional bit of sibling rivalry, Luna has been the one constant in Sebine’s life. Luna is her only friend, and she’s everything Sebine is not. Luna is gentle, small, and soft-spoken and lights up a room with her friendly demeanor. In a repeat effort to help Sebine make friends, Luna invites her to a party, but Sebine’s temper strikes again.

When Sebine leaves, she has no idea that her life is about to take a dramatic turn. She finds herself alone, face-to-face with a man named Ian. He’s even more frighteningly tall and strong than Sebine. Finally, she has found one of her kind, and Ian has no problem showing Sebine just how dangerous she can be.

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