Jerry Giraffe and Feather Bird on Safari

The Adventures Continue!
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Jerry Giraffe and Feather Bird have been besties for a long time. They met in the Mountain Zoo and have had many adventures together over the years. But now they’re about to set out on an important mission.

The Mountain Zoo is in need of a special flower to enhance the botanical gardens on the compound, one that can only be grown in cool climates: the SnowFlake ButterCup TreeFlower. Fortunately, Jerry’s family lives near Frosty Rain Forest, the coolest rain forest in Africa! So the two friends must locate the special flower, learn about it, and bring one home to plant in the Mountain Zoo. They’ll have to be careful, though—only with the permission of Queen Fuscia, the zebra who rules the Frosty Rain Forest, can any single flower be taken away. Can they persuade her to let them take this special plant home?

In this children’s story, two animal friends go on a safari adventure to Africa, where they’ll meet with a queen and try to get a special plant for the gardens at their home zoo.

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