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So many children struggle to meet Common Core standards in elementary school. As a result, they struggle to build confidence and self-esteem.

But with the right approach, children can boost their achievement, feel good about themselves, and position themselves to succeed in the future. This workbook explores how children in pre-K, kindergarten, and first grade can learn more.

The activities for pre-K children include learning the alphabet, numbers, printing, and counting to twenty. By incorporating singing into the activities, children learn and retain information. Other tasks focus on helping children develop the necessary social skills to succeed once they're in school.

Children in kindergarten begin to learn more about matching primary colors and mastering concepts such as what is more or less, the same or different, and sorting. They are also asked to identify letters missing in words and to solve simple math problems.

First graders review their prior learning to build an even stronger working knowledge and retention for higher grade levels.

Help children enjoy the challenges of learning while moving toward future success with the fun activities and exercises in Wut Do I Know?

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