A Rook and a Chariot

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While passing through the difficulties of adolescence, Rue falls through thin ice and wakes in Heaven. He meets God, and God asks him to join in a game of chess. Together, they go through the process of helping each other better understand life and its meaning. Rue realizes that it’s never too late for God to change lives and that everyone makes mistakes—even God.

In his teen years, author Robbie Hoffman experienced the loss of many who were close to him. He found release and peace in the Lord. By finding the meaning of life through His Word, Robbie arrived in a serene place where he could move beyond his pain.

A Rook and a Chariot is a children’s book for ages nine to twelve. The story is about forgiveness and finding purpose in belief. It is a philosophical and psychological weave written to help youth understand the passing of loved ones and encourage them to process the hardships of grief.

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