Meido, the Bird Who Was Afraid to Fly

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Meido is a bluebird who lives in a park downtown, up high in an awesome tree. But something makes him different from many other birds: he’s afraid to fly! Instead, Meido climbs up using his talons.

One beautiful morning, Meido and his best feathered friend, Flier, are going around the park and taking care of official bird business. They go to the mulberry bush for breakfast and pay a visit to an unlucky person’s white car. Then the Tuesday Terror, Jaws the Chihuahua, arrives, and he’s out to get revenge on Meido and Flier for a trick they played on him before. But when their escape puts Flier and Jaws in danger, Meido knows he is the only one who can save the day. He’ll have to overcome his fear and finally start flying.

In this children’s tale, a mischievous bird gets his friends in trouble and must conquer his fear of flying in order to rescue them

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