Professional Indexing

$0.02 per Word

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Please do not order without first speaking with your editorial consultant.

Our professional editor will provide you with an industry-standard, two-level topical index that is personalized to provide maximum usability for the book's target audience. We will analyze your entire book, anticipating line items your reader will most likely want to find and listing them in an intuitive, accessible manner.

Before handcrafting your one-of-a-kind index, our professional indexer will consider the following four elements that make your book unique:

  • Focus
  • Purpose
  • Audience
  • Organization

The resulting high-quality index is the standard found throughout the publishing industry.

*There is a 5,000-word minimum charge for all editing services.

Please note: We craft indexes from the final, formatted, author-approved pages. Changes made after indexing may alter and detract from the index's usability or may lead to additional charges to correct the index.

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Readers use an index to access to specific information or subjects they are interested in. Please call 888-242-5904 for more information or to purchase this service.

$0.02 per Word

Call 1-888-242-5904 to order now!