Standard Interior Design

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Please Note: Standard Interior Design is included in select publishing packages and cannot be purchased separately. This page is designed to give you more information about the service and why it’s important for your book.

Simon & Schuster has developed special design guidelines for Archway Publishing, tailored to your content and desired audience. One of our professional book-layout specialists will use these guidelines to create a custom interior for your book. This interior will include chapter titles, headings, page numbers, and other layout details that will allow for easy reading and ensure your book meets the highest standards.

During this process, the designer will change your manuscript’s margins to fit your chosen book size. We strongly recommend changing the margins yourself so you can see how the text will look in your book’s final dimensions. This will also help you catch any formatting errors caused by text shifts or line breaks that might otherwise result in a delay in your book’s production.  Read our FAQ about margins for more information.

The layout designer will also insert up to 10 photos or graphics and conduct minimal manuscript cleanup.

To ensure that any images or other non-text elements you submit to us appear properly in your book, please follow these requirements:

  • Submitted separately from your manuscript as a TIFF (.tif) file format
  • CMYK colorspace
  • 300-dpi resolution
  • Written copyright permission from the creator (artist, photographer, etc.) to use the work in your book

    Exception to the requirements: Sample graphics and other illustrations that will be used only as ideas or guidelines for the design team can be submitted in any format.

    Read our FAQ about image submissions for more information.

After the layout is complete, you will be able to review a galley proof of your book to ensure you approve of the design.

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Our professional book-layout specialists will create a custom interior for your book. Call 888-242-5904 for more information about this design service.

Call 1-888-242-5904 to order now!