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The secret to your book's success is catching the attention of the major players in the publishing industry. Archway Publishing has partnered with Publishers Weekly, a trusted name in the publishing and bookselling market to help give your book a push in the right direction.

Publishers Weekly is a catalog that lists new books in the market and has been in circulation for over 130 years. It is the leading publication serving all of the segments that are involved in the creation, production, marketing and selling of the written word. PW Starter Plus can help you capture the attention your book deserves. With PW Starter Plus your book could catch the attention of some of the most important players in the book publishing industry.

What you get:

  • Single slot print ad in the Publishers Weekly magazine (one out of eight slots)
  • Online banner ad campaign on with 10,000 impressions
  • Listing in PW Select, a quarterly supplement announcing self-published books
  • One-month feature placement on
  • Social media promotion on BookLife's Facebook and Twitter
  • Six-month digital subscription to Publishers Weekly
  • One-year digital subscription to PW Select
  • One free print copy of the Publishers Weekly issue in which your book’s PW Select listing appears

What You Need to Know

Publishers Weekly boasts of a total readership of around 68,000 of the biggest players in the book publishing industry, reaching more than 17,000 paid subscribers in bookstores, libraries, film executives, other publishing segments and even media and literary agents. welcomes 8.3 million unique visitors annually, 1.5 million page views per month and approximately 18.1 million page views per year.

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Call 1-888-242-5904 to order now!