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Reach children’s-book buyers by advertising your book in the top children’s K-12 book resources.

The Children’s Advance Catalog is a bimonthly publication that features new children’s books and K-12 titles. Over the years, it has become a substantial resource for parents, teachers and school boards. To date, it has a circulation of 13,500 to booksellers, libraries and international accounts.

The Independent Voice Online Catalog (formerly The Fine Print) is a searchable online catalog that allows over 25,000 subscribers to view titles, make selections and place an order on iPage® — Ingram’s online search, order and account management site.

What you get:

  • Single slot ad in the Children’s Advance Catalog
  • Single slot ad in the Independent Voice Online Catalog for e-blast

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Feature your children’s book in an ad that will reach your ideal audience. To learn more or to order this service, please call 888-242-5904.


Please Note:
In order to fulfill this service, a hardcover, color version of your title must currently be available for purchase.


Call 1-888-242-5904 to order now!