Bookselling Promotional Materials

Promotional materials, such as postcards, business cards, and bookmarks, help spread the word about your book to current and potential readers. Plus, if you’re hosting a book signing event, our Book Signing Kit will give you everything you need for a successful event.

Promotional Material

Put information about your book at the fingertips of readers with our personalized promotional products. Depending on the size of your event, you have the option to receive 100, 300, or 400 of each promotional item – business cards, postcards, and bookmarks.

Available in quantities of: 100 | 300 | 400  

BookStub™ Promotional Materials

In addition to our full-color postcards, business cards, and bookmarks, this service includes BookStub™ cards, a unique way to help you promote and distribute your book to an ever-growing digital audience. BookStub™ cards feature your cover and instructions to redeem one free e-book download of your title.

Available in quantities of: 100 | 200 | 500

Book Signing Kit

Help draw attention and show off your book during a book signing event with our beautiful and eye-catching posters, fliers and postcards.