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See what authors have to say about self-publishing with Archway Publishing. To learn more about whether Archway Publishing is right for you and your book, talk to a publishing consultant at 1-888-242-5904.

Speed to Market With Your Best Book


“This story was inside of me and had to come out.”

John Bronzo | Mary Bernadette: Secrets of a Dallas Moon


“You’re not going out of your skin waiting for that book to be done. They involve you in every part of the process: I identify with you. I am right there with you. We are doing this together.”

Denise Chand and Jennifer John | Single and Hating It


“It’s very expensive and time-consuming to try to get a publisher, and I didn’t have the time. This is an urgent matter. I wanted to get this before the public as soon as I could, and self-publishing is the right vehicle to do that.”

Finbar Manghan | The Mysterious Story of Gitano Cervantes


“Choosing Archway as a self-publishing vehicle was the only way I was ever going to publish books. Were there surprises? Yes. The surprises were how accommodating they were.”

Joe Gwerder | Listen Out Loud


“We live in a much different world than we did 30 to 40 years ago, and it really lends itself to self-publishing.”

Craig MacFarlane | Craig MacFarlane Hasn’t Heard of You Either!

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DIY Publishing With a Helping Hand


“In terms of quality, it’s the same or better than publishing with a traditional publishing house, because it’s the same pool of talent. I happen to be thrilled to death with the level of ability that I encountered.”

Elizabeth Carter Wellington | Circus Girl


“Most of the work that a publisher would do for us was already done, so we decided that it was probably easier for us to self-publish and do it our own way.”

Alfred and Lenae Herman | The Clown That Lost His Smile


“I felt that one of the only ways to make sure that the book was done the way I wanted it to [be done] was for me to be in charge of the ultimate outcome of that book.”

David Ponsford | The Adventures of Dave and Dusty


“I wrote it, so I wanted to own the copyright and to have the responsibility for the book. It made me feel really good to know that I published the book myself.”

Jessica Stafford | My Side of the Story


“I wanted to publish myself because I knew that I got to own everything. I got to be the director. I got to be the designer of how it was going to look, and also use someone who knew what they were doing so that it would be the best product it could be.”

Pam Saxelby | Max and Bear


“I think Archway is something to consider because they really walk you through the things that are difficult, but you maintain control of your book and know that you’ll end up with something that you’re happy with.”

Lindsey Jensen Berke | Am I Pretty?

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Second Chances at Traditional Publishing


“I went to a conference and talked to a very well-known author who was traditionally published, and he said, ‘Don’t worry, Amanya, it took me 20 years to get published.’ And I’m going, ‘That’s fine if you’re 20.’”

A. E. Wasserman | 1886 Ties that Bind


“There were publishers who were very excited about ‘Strays,’ but they held on to it for a year, sometimes two years, then they would leave the publishing house. I was caught in that little web of people coming and going.”

Virginia Castleman | Strays


“The first three publishers I approached rejected the manuscript. When the young lady told me that Archway was affiliated with Simon & Schuster, I said, ‘Hmm, I might get to step back to the plate after all.’”

Daughtry Miller | A Good Inheritance

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More From Our Authors

  Archway Publishing Review by A.E. Wasserman, author of "1884 No Boundaries"

A.E. Wasserman | 1884 No Boundaries  

“It’s one thing to write a book. Another to publish it, and as a new author I wanted to be guided throughout the process. I chose Archway Publishing not only because it was ‘one-stop-shopping’ but they had a variety of packages to choose from, allowing me to control how much I wanted to ‘invest’ in my own book.

From the first inquiry on the phone all the way to the actual book in my hand, Archway led the way professionally, steadily, making sure this nervous author understood what they needed from me and ensuring that the results were what we both wanted — a professional quality all the way from the contents inside to the cover on the out.

They also understand that — beginning with the book launch — marketing is what most authors have little experience with. Archway stayed alongside me with marketing advice as well, a most welcomed support.

My next novel is near completion and already Archway and I are talking about turning that manuscript into a book. This time around, while I no longer need the hand-holding, I still want the professionalism that Archway provides an Indy author like me.

With their help, my debut novel, 1884 No Boundaries is already doing well, complete with favorable reviews, and the momentum is building. There was no way I could have produced such a quality book without Archway’s help and on-going support. It’s been a fun adventure and I am definitely looking forward to round two. And more, because this one book of mine has launched a series.”

  Archway Publishing Review by Andrew James Archer, author of "Pleading Insanity"

Andrew James Archer | Pleading Insanity   

“My experience was very positive with Archway and I am very confident and satisfied with the end product that we developed.”

 Archway Publishing Review by Shirley Ann Williams, author of "Broken Pieces"

Shirley Ann Williams | Broken Pieces  

“My hardcover looks fantastic! All questions I have had throughout the process have been answered in an understandable and kind manner.”

 Archway Publishing Review by Amanda Andruzzi, author of "Hope Street"

Amanda Andruzzi | Hope Street  

“The designers were amazing and talented. I love what the designer did with my book cover. Super job. I gave this woman license to run with it. I am not disappointed. I would definitely recommend Archway. Everyone is wonderful and understanding and patient. I have grown to respect all the individuals who have made contact with me. I have been very fortunate.”

Archway Publishing Review by John Radaway, author of "Love and Little Birds"

John Radway | Love and Little Birds  

“This has been an extremely happy experience, everyone was very kind, and you all have done a beautiful job on my book.”

 Archway Publishing Review by Marcee Corn and Susan McCulloch, authors of "Unclaimed Baggage"

Marcee Corn and Susan McCulloch | Unclaimed Baggage 

“Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I am very happy with the end product — my book! ”

 Archway Publishing Review by Karen Higgs-Faretta, author of "A Spark in the Darknesss"

Karen Higgs-Faretta | A Spark in the Darkness 

“Everyone has been very professional throughout the entire process. I continue to inform other writers of this service.”

  Archway Publishing Review by Joy Hooks, author of "Erin's Magic Tree Adventures"

Joy Hooks | Erin's Magic Tree (Circus) Adventure  

“I've enjoyed this journey into getting my first book published. I thank each and every one of you for your help with this. After this one, I've started another one, can't wait to see how they'll do. I promised my grand children that when their Nana retired, she'd write them each a book and so that's what I'm doing.”


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