Martha and Me

A Handicapped Child with a Purpose in Life

by Jane N. Vassil



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/16/2016

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 62
ISBN : 9781480824560
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 62
ISBN : 9781480824577

About the Book

Six-year-old Martha is smart, sassy, and speaks differently than those around her. She does not think anything is wrong with her, but unfortunately, the world does. During the day, her classmates tease her about the way she talks. At night, Martha retreats into her imagination and finds happiness in her pretend play as a teacher who loves all her handicapped students.

Martha has real dreams. She is a good child who helps her mother with chores around the house and loves listening to her babysitter, Rosa, tell fairytales. But when Martha’s teacher asks her to read her paper in front of the class one day, all the other students laugh and bully her. Martha is naturally devastated. She must learn to overcome her challenges, believe in herself, and practice kindness. But will she ever be able to find a friend who accepts her just as she is?

Martha and Me shares the touching story of a sweet little girl’s journey as she finds her purpose in life and teaches the world that being physically challenged does not define her, but instead makes her special.

About the Author

As a native New Yorker born and raised in New York City as a Roman Catholic, I cherish life to its fullest. It’s the journey that excites me and enables me to choose a direction or re-direction each and every day in order to achieve my goals including happiness for myself and others that are part of my life or those I come in contact with.
Attending the University of Life Experience-School of Hard Knocks-I have learned so much over the years. I just can’t get enough of what life has to offer each and every day. I am very happy and truly blest. I am grateful for every day and I continuously count my blessings for what I have not what I don’t.
As a Christian woman I try to live my life according to God’s word and principles, whenever and wherever possible. I am far from being perfect, but I strive to do better and to be the person God wants me to be in a difficult and diverse world.
As a former Human Resources Professional, I have been blessed to have worked for several organizations within different industries which have made a distinct impact on my life over the years. Collectively, I have worked for JCPenney Company, Inc. (Retail); McGraw-Hill, Inc. (Publishing); Quantum Chemical Corporation (Petro-Chemicals); Viacom (Media); and Saint Vincent’s Hospital and Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers of New York (Healthcare).
All of these work experiences along with my personal life experiences and my belief in God have contributed to the wealth of knowledge I have gained over the years. As a recent cancer survivor, I have a better understanding of what others go through and realize that life is precious and worth living so I try to make each day count and make the best of it, no matter what! This is what has made me the person I have become which is constantly evolving in this ever- so- changing world.
Some of my favorite things are: listening to good music, singing out loud, looking at decorated Christmas trees and colorful holiday lights on windows that glisten in the evening skies, baking cookies, cakes and candy for all holidays’, waiting for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, hearing silent night sung by the choir on the eve of Christmas during mid-night mass, daydreaming, collecting and wearing stylish and beautiful jewelry that shimmers and sparkles, reading a good novel while sipping on hot chocolate, having a great collection of pocketbooks especially Anuschka which means one of a kind, and individually hand painted with beautiful scenic designs, watching a great classic movie or a horror flick and sitting near a fireplace on a cold winter’s night watching the snow falling, the stars twinkling in the skies and dreaming of what’s to be!