The Shadow Walker

A Rabbi Forged in Fury Battles to Free Kids Snatched by a Sex Trafficker

by Rabbi Yehuda Fine



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Language : English
Publication Date : 3/29/2017

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 7.5x9.25
Page Count : 390
ISBN : 9781480833562
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 390
ISBN : 9781480833579

About the Book

“… a stout entry in an underserved subgenre, …. Fine’s prose is vivid, …. And even longtime crime readers should be aware that the content is … graphic, from blunt discussions of child abuse…. Still, memorable set pieces like an airport shootout and the final fight between Eitan and Solomon stand out.  Moreover, Fine’s spiritual patina and good intentions lend this dark story: a silver lining readers will appreciate.”
Blue Ink

“Yehuda Fine has been a mentor/friend for almost twenty years. The Shadow Walker is a gripping harrowing piece of fiction. It is an artful portrayal of Yehuda’s work and a rare entrée into a world that is little known and seldom spoken for.”

Alex Winter
Filmmaker & Actor
Deep Web, Downloaded, 
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, 
The Lost Boys

The Shadow Walker: a spiritually charged thriller that illuminates how Eitan, a Chassidic Rabbi, battles a global sex trafficker across the Big Apple to the outskirts of the Magic Kingdom. 
As this sex trafficker arrives in Manhattan.  Reb Eitan heads out to stop him. NYPD finds dismembered girls scattered around the city.  The Chief Medical Examiner is taken aback at the unsub’s capacity for such hellacious crimes. They tag him The Dark Man. He slaughters in the deep vale of darkness. 

His father a former Green Beret beat him and his mother mercilessly. After Vietnam, they moved to the Golden Triangle dealing heroin. The boy escapes the horrific abuse into the jungles. There he encounters a sinister master of the dark martial arts. Eitan discovers that each victim is marked with an ancient yet antinomian hexagram reading of the Confucian I Ching. 
From these death marks, Rabbi Eitan speculates the killer believes he is a soul taker -- someone who inhales the life force of victims as they take their final breath

Meanwhile, in a neighborhood in Orlando, Florida, Jennifer, the mother of identical twin daughters, is shattered when her girls are kidnapped. Eitan and his crew sprint to rescue them. They, at last, collide into the grim Dark Man. 

“Yehuda Fine grabs you by the throat and never let’s go because he lived the story he tells with such dark clarity. Combine his experience rescuing lost teenagers in Gotham’s netherworld with a rabbinical scholar’s knowledge of Judaism’s deepest mysteries, and you get a must-read blockbuster like The Shadow Walker.”

Chris Mercogliano 
Teaching the Restless and In Defense of Childhood

About the Author

Rabbi Yehuda Fine is a noted lecturer, accredited teacher and family therapist, and author of two other books. Widely regarded as a family and teen expert, Rabbi Fine regularly conducts seminars, guests on radio and television shows, and contributes to magazines and newspapers. He resides in the Pacific Northwest where he is working on the sequel to The Shadow Walker.