Pride and Perpetration

by Wayne Tyson



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/29/2017

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 278
ISBN : 9781480855748
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 278
ISBN : 9781480855755

About the Book

Doing for Jane Austen what Malaria did for travel in Asia, Pride and Perpetration is a story that includes improbable adventures, a very odd druid, and a dinosaur called Fluff.

In the year 2047, the world is laid waste. It is a frightening, post-apocalyptic land where existence is divided into a series of kingdoms ruled by dark magic. London is mostly in ruins, with a few ragged inhabitants, but no other city survives in this broken landscape.

Commander Fitz Darcy is the leader of a team of elite mercenaries, hired to protect the treasures of a powerful—and somewhat unpleasant—sorcerer. A chance meeting with a dance troupe turns his stable world upside down, especially when he makes the acquaintance of Beth, a charismatic dancer and part-time palaeontologist. She quickly dominates all his thoughts.

When Fitz is wrongly accused of stealing a book of powerful magic from the sorcerer’s library, he has to flee the castle, along with Beth. Pursued across the ruins of England through caves and flying towns, Fitz and Beth must find their way to a mysterious White Wizard, who might be their only hope to protect them, and bring about the downfall of dark magic.

About the Author

Before Pride and Perpetration, I had never published a book before, therefore this was my first attempt at writing any creative fiction more ambitious beyond an email to my accountant asking for more time to pay my bills. I grew up in Perth, Western Australia but also spent some of my childhood years in Werribee, Victoria and then in Penang, Malaysia where I developed a fondness for all sorts of Asian foods, particularly a good, hot curry. My first real job was an apprentice ship’s officer, including working on cargo ships around Australia and up to Japan. I have also worked as a Librarian, an Outdoor Education Instructor, Cliff Rescue Trainer, Tent Designer, Cartographer and Lecturer in Geographic Information Science. I currently work for the Department of Conservation where, among other things, I make maps of the Great Walks and the new Conservation Reserves planned for New Zealand. I have taken up many interests and hobbies over the years. Cave exploration was a big catalyst to visiting some far flung parts of the world where I was lucky enough to explore uncharted caves in such places as Spain, France, Indonesia and Vietnam. There were also many expeditions to the Nullarbor Plain in Western Australia where in the 1990’s I helped pioneer the use of ultralight aircraft and GPS to locate cave entrances from the air. I have also been a keen rock climber and mountaineer but am now totally hooked on skiing, particularly in Canada (although breaking my leg on a jump recently has slowed me down a little). I now live in Christchurch, New Zealand with my wonderful wife, Heather and our three insane Siamese cats. Settling into the New Zealand lifestyle, I am a big fan of the Christchurch rugby teams as well as the All Blacks. If you wish to get in touch or find out what I am up to, check out my Facebook page