The Gospel of Creation

Part 1: Exploring the Word's Forgotten Scientific Side

by J. A. Victor



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Language : English
Publication Date : 4/5/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6.14x9.2
Page Count : 248
ISBN : 9781480897342

About the Book

For Christians everywhere, the four Gospels are the focal point of the entire Bible. Indeed, there is little in the Old Testament, or the New, that cannot be understood at its highest level by contemplating the life of Christ, as presented in these Gospels. But as dear as they are, what Christian wouldn’t trade them all away for one Gospel written by the Master, Himself? What new wonders might we expect to hear and what controversies might be cleared up through His direct involvement in our spiritual formation? A lovely daydream? Sure, but not unfounded. The Bible does make mention of such a Gospel in several places.

But even without the Bible to tell us this, somehow we’ve always intuitively known that this Gospel existed, simply because (whether we realized it or not) we encounter it every time we interact with the natural world. It is the Gospel that the heavens declare and the sky proclaims (Psalm 19.1), the Gospel that is preached in all the creation (Colossians 1:23). And having been placed there by the Word, it is interwoven into that Creation like the seamless garment that He, Himself, wore.

Many throughout the ages have revered and pondered this Gospel, and the insights they’ve given us of it are many. But despite their efforts, no one has ever really cracked the code to fully reveal its contents. It may be that they were merely lacking in the necessary scientific knowledge, or perhaps the timing just wasn’t right. Whatever the reason, with the discovery of the mathematical key called the 2/3rds Rule, this fifth Gospel is finally opened up for all to see. And it more than delivers on expectations, reconciling mainstream science and Scripture on the subject of creation and giving us answers to a myriad of questions, some of which we never even thought to ask. And if that is not enough, it also throws in, with no added effort, irrefutable (and falsifiable), empirical proof …

• that God exists,
• that Jesus is His divine son, the promised Messiah
• and of all the existing churches proclaiming the Good News, there is but one established by Christ to lead us into the fullness of truth.

It is a love letter from God written 2,000 years ago that somehow got lost in the mail until today. And when better to receive it than in these troubling times, where good and evil seem to have become so intertwined? It may not always tell us what we wanted to hear, but it does, nevertheless, tell us what we need to hear. It is the oldest Testament and it is the last Testament; it is God’s Testament …

The Gospel of Creation.

About the Author

J. A. Victor is a University of Michigan College of Engineering graduate with a BSChE and seminary background. He is also a former atheist (his dramatic conversion and the theological epiphanies that sprang from it being the subject matter of the third installment of this book series).