Z'Khut Rising

by Jeanne G. DeBold



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/22/2022

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 318
ISBN : 9781665729239
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 318
ISBN : 9781665729246

About the Book

In Z’Khut Rising, the sequel to What Price Pantropy?, we meet Z’ivik, a criminally insane terrorist from the planet Zahri. He is determined to overthrow the governments of both Kalus Epsilon and Zahri before taking control of the entire universe by using his incredible intelligence and mental powers. The first prong of his attack is to kidnap the Emissary of the Intergalactic Alliance who happens to be the father of the Explorer’s Executive Officer. With his knowledge of bioengineering, Z’ivik then synthesizes a virus that threatens to decimate the population of the planet of Kalus Epsilon. The daughter of the Chief Medical Officer of the Explorer comes on board to lend her expertise of her knowledge and understanding of the Kalian people. When the Chief Medical Officer is critically wounded, his daughter is torn between her duty to her father and to the completion of the mission. Read Z’Khut Rising, with its fast-paced action and complex interpersonal relationships, and continue the exciting journey. A must-read for science fiction fans.

If you love Star Trek, you’ll love Z’Khut Rising.

About the Author

The author received her Doctorate Degree in bioengineering from the Zahri Academy of Science, having graduated at the top of her class. She dedicated her professional life to the Gamma Institute of Science where she made numerous groundbreaking contributions in her field. She authored numerous professional articles for which she was awarded the Cygnus Honorarium and the Aurigan Certificate of Excellence. She received the Qui’llen Prize from the Zahri Academy of Science for outstanding achievement in the field of bioengineering. After retirement at the age of one hundred twenty five Earth years, she tried her hand at creative writing with What Price Pantropy? as her first effort for which she received the Book of the Year Award from the Zahri Literary Society and the Magnus Award for First Time Authors. Here, the author proudly presents Z’Khut Rising, the second offering in her riveting series. The author is now putting the finishing touches on Plague!, the exciting finale of the Diana Trilogy. Plague! is set to be released shortly.
In addition to writing, she greatly enjoys spending hours under the bright red sky, tending her extensive gardens of prize winning t’almans, Zahri flowers that resemble Earth roses. Using her knowledge of bioengineering and genetics, she is attempting to change the cinnamon-like scent of t’almans to the scent of Earth roses. Her experiments have now produced t’almans with no scent whatsoever. Her next step is to infuse the new rose-like scent into her test samples. She is also an excellent cook and beings come from light years away just to sample her divine k’zenzill soup. She gives impromptu concerts many evenings, expertly playing her Zahri lyre for her guests. She currently lives in the city of EnBahr on the planet Zahri with her beloved pet snark named Mr. Z’wiggins.