TnT Ready to Explode

A Tale of Rock and Roll Until Love Touched a Dark Soul

by Lisa Titolo



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/29/2024

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 370
ISBN : 9781665755580
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 370
ISBN : 9781665755597
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 370
ISBN : 9781665755573

About the Book

The 1980s was a simpler time before the Internet and social media, but it was also a decade of decadence, materialism, and consumerism. This was the birth of MTV and video games. It was a time of kick ass music and carefree sex, before AIDS became an epidemic. It was also a time of the blatant sexual abuse of women. Consent was a joke, where no meant yes. For women, sex was complicated or a commodity. This story tells how one woman’s sexuality was complicated and how she used sex to drown out her pain.

Toni lived life on the edge. She succumbed to her every desire, hiding her pain by overindulging in drugs, sex, and rock and roll, using them to fill the void inside her. Known as a “Party Girl” to most, Toni’s outlandish behavior hid a secret. She lived her life in the shadows, hiding who and what she was, always concealing her truth from the world. She even hid her secret from those closest to her, knowing they would not understand.

Seeking self-destruction, Toni lived like there was no tomorrow. But rolling though life as if there were no consequences lead to strange bedfellows. Follow her through her sexscapades to her eventual enlightenment as a strong woman forced to hide her true self—until love touched her dark soul.

About the Author

Lisa Titolo, an artist, musician, and now author writes from her own experiences. Using the full and rich tapestry of her life, she brings her colorful characters to life. Leaving home at 15, she took on the responsibilities of an adult with the mind of a child. This lead her down a dark path filled with sex drugs and rock and roll. On that path she learned a lot about herself. She learned that her sexuality was more fluid than others, leading her to hide part of herself from family and friends. Without the support of family along with the lack of sexually fluid role models, Lisa had to make her own way. She chose to live her life out loud. She learned that her quick wit was more than useful. She developed a keen ability to find humor in anything. It was her humor that drew people in past her abrasiveness and darkness. It is her tenacity to not let others define her that allowed her to grow and persevere through the hard times.
While she was finding her way, Deanna found her. Their love would change her forever. They have overcome many obstacles in their 31 years together. Building a life together and raising a wonderful daughter. They created the family they both wished they had. Moreover, they have become the role models they both wished they had while growing up. Lisa’s stories come from a real place and each character is a part of her challenging journey through life, from living in her car to building her first house. It is Deanna’s unwavering support of Lisa that allowed her to really discover herself and find the artist within.