Foundations And New Frontiers In Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion

by LeRoy Thompson Ph.D.



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Language : English
Publication Date : 1/29/2024

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 100
ISBN : 9781665754514
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 100
ISBN : 9781665754521

About the Book

Dr. Thompson often says that “we have possibly made achieving progress in diversity, equity, and inclusion quite a bit more difficult than it may really need to be.” Foundations And New Frontiers of Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion attempts to address that problem by providing real clarity in several key areas. For one, it will convey a more precise understanding of the key distinctions between each of these three elements as this is essential to sustainable progress. Secondly, it will gift you with an appreciation of how to normalize the discussion around bias. More often than not, to have bias has been equated with being a “bad person”. This creates a huge impediment to any meaningful dialogue, and without dialogue, there will be little or no progress to begin with. A third contribution that you will perhaps appreciate is a comprehensive yet approachable view of how our neurobiology authors the very bias that we abhor. Recognizing the mechanisms by which bias is formed and expressed, equips us with the capacity to minimize cultural collisions and create an empathetic climate. And finally, the tools and strategies for implementing DEI initiatives, as well as, measuring their effectiveness, are worth the read. At the end of the day, DEI becomes something other than a side trip along the journey to organizational effectiveness. It finds itself at the core of what successful organizations already do.

About the Author

LeRoy Thompson has brought a refreshing perspective to the field of diversity, equity, and inclusion since the mid-1990’s. He has worked with over 150 public, private, and non-profit clients in helping them link their strategic direction to the practical task of leveraging the full range of capabilities of their human resource base. He has trained over 50,000 people in workshops, seminars, facilitation sessions, as well as conference keynote presentations. His consulting background as an Associate with McKinsey & Company equipped him with a hypothesis-driven approach enabling him to develop a foundational understanding of the types of diversity, equity, and inclusion issues that organizations grapple with. This capacity has allowed him to bring the maximum level of objectivity and empathy into an area where emotions are an unavoidable factor. His lived experience as an African American from Appalachia has also made a significant contribution to his success in the DEI domain. He had the great fortune to receive an education where he was most often the only person of color. Not only did these experiences equip him with the tools to navigate across cultural boundaries, but they also provided deep insight into the formation and expression of both implicit and explicit bias. His work is underscored with an enlightening appreciation of the role that neurobiology plays in how we think and how we deal with differences. LeRoy was educated at Harvard University where he received a bachelor’s degree in English and American Literature and Language, and a master’s degree in Finance and International Business from Columbia University School of Business. He received a Doctor of Divinity from Master’s Graduate School and a Ph. D. From Trinity Theological Seminary. His AMA-By-Satellite television broadcast of “Written Skills for Business Communications” received the ‘Best of Business Television’ Award. His book, “Mastering the Challenges of Change” received a Newberry Book Club award. His article “What's Missing from DEI Initiatives?” was published by Industry Week magazine in October of 2021. He is certified in Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion in The Workplace as well as a Certified Agile Scrum Master, Trauma Support Specialist, Certified Virtual Presenter, and Certified Virtual Host. HR Tech Outlook magazine recognized Thompson & Associates as one of the "Top Ten Diversity and Inclusion Firms ".