E-book FAQs

What is the royalty percentage for e-books?

The royalty for e-books is 50% of the net payments received by Archway Publishing.

Royalties are based on the net payments we actually receive from the sale of printed or electronic (e-book) copies of your book, minus any shipping and handling charges, distribution costs, or sales and use taxes. Since retail and wholesale customers purchase at a discount, the royalty amount you receive depends on what types of customer bought your book, the applicable channel through which they purchased, and any discount they received.

Here are two examples of common e-book sales transactions.

The list price for your e-book is $3.99, and your Archway Publishing royalty rate is 50 percent.

Retailer Example:

A consumer places an order for your e-book through the Amazon Kindle bookstore. Your royalty on this sale is calculated as follows:

$3.99 (SRP "Suggested Retail Price")
- $1.20 (30% Amazon Discount)
= $2.79 (Net after Amazon Discount)
x 50% (Royalty Rate)
= $1.40 (Royalty Earned from a retail sale)

Web Sale Example:

Another scenario occurs when a consumer comes to the Archway Publishing bookstore and purchases your e-book directly. Your royalty on this sale of the same e-book is calculated as follows:

$3.99 (SRP "Suggested Retail Price")
x 50% (Royalty Rate)
= $2.00 (Royalty Earned from a web sale)