Cover Revisions (Complete)


If you decide after your initial cover review that you want us to rework your book cover’s overall design, this service is for you. This revision service can be used to make changes to images, design elements and text elements on the cover layout. The following modifications are just a few of many that Archway Publishing can complete for an author:

Text Changes:

  • Replace words
  • Correct punctuation
  • Add additional quotes and other information
  • Completely replace sections of cover text

Image/Design Changes:

  • Touch-up photographs
  • Blend several images together
  • Remove components of an image
  • Combine elements from several different images into one scene
  • Change/manipulate skin color, eye color, scene color
  • Red-eye reduction

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With this service, we can rework your cover’s overall design to better suit your vision.

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