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If you’re searching for a way to optimize your marketing efforts, a book review from an unbiased, highly reputable third party — like Kirkus Reviews — can be an effective way to add credibility to your book. Kirkus Reviews launched Kirkus Indie, a service dedicated to reviewing self-published titles, as a response to the growth of indie publishing.

The Kirkus Indie Review offers you great potential for promoting and building awareness for your book.

What do you get?

  • A detailed critique of your work from a seasoned Kirkus Indie book reviewer, which you can choose to showcase in your media kit, add to your website or include excerpts of on your book's cover.
  • The option to post the review on the Kirkus Indie website.
  • Eligibility for inclusion in the Kirkus Indie monthly e-newsletter, which highlights the best submissions to the program, selected by Kirkus. Booksellers, journalists, librarians and others subscribe to the e-newsletter.
  • A 1/8 page single slot advertisement in a full color catalog distributed to Kirkus’ database of industry influencers which includes librarians, publishers, book sellers, book buyers and decision makers.

Please Note: In the event a returned review is unfavorable, the author can choose not to post it online; however, the fees for this Kirkus review service cannot be refunded.

* Titles must not exceed 500 pages to be eligible for the Kirkus Express Review. Titles with pages in excess of 500 will only be eligible for the Standard review.

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