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It makes sense that many great writers — with their love of communication and their way with words — are great speakers as well. For authors interested in broadening their platform to promote their book or building their personal brand, becoming a speaker is a logical step toward reaching that goal. But where do you get your start?

Through our alliance with ExpertFile, Archway authors can now showcase their talents and open themselves to speaking engagements by joining the Archway Speakers Bureau. Your expert profile as an Archway author on ExpertFile will help you build a professional online presence and connect to a world of potential speaking opportunities.

With the Archway Speakers Bureau, you can benefit from ExpertFile’s premier services plus opportunities exclusive to Archway authors:

  • Media-Rich Profile: Show those seeking your talents all you have to offer. With a customizable, media-rich ExpertFile profile, you can easily showcase your expertise, your speaking style, your published book(s), the types of speaking jobs you’re interested in, videos, portfolios and more.
  • Account Setup and Training: An Archway Speaker consultant will set up your account for you. He or she will import basic information about you and then teach you how to maintain your profile on your own. By keeping your profile current and taking advantage of all the available features, you can create an engaging and descriptive speaker profile that will help event organizers take notice.
  • Expert Guidance and Feedback: Your Archway Speaker consultant will also be available to help you prepare for your speaking engagements. You can go through a practice run of your speech, and your consultant will offer expert feedback to help you feel well practiced and confident. 
  • 90 Minute Rehearsal: Practice makes perfect. You can schedule a 90-minute consult where you can rehearse your speech or review your presentation with an Archway Speaker consultant. Your consultant will provide you with suggestions to on how to make your presentation more memorable and impactful.
  • ExpertFile Directory Listing (Two Years): ExpertFile’s unique web-based software allows Archway Publishing to showcase the expertise of our authors — helping event organizers, media and potential customers find you. Detailed search and filtering capabilities based on keyword, topic and location help to enhance discoverability. This service ensures your listing on ExpertFile for two years. Talk to an Archway Publishing representative about renewing your service.
  • Unlimited Inquiries: Thousands of event organizers, meeting planners and media professionals around the world use ExpertFile to discover new talent, all of whom will have free unlimited access to your speaker profile. At the same time, you will be able to browse for relevant or nearby functions and let organizers know if you’re interested in being a part of their event.
  • Featured Speaker Status: ExpertFile showcases featured speakers on their main search page as well as on industry related search pages for additional exposure. That means your profile could be among the first that an event planner or media representative sees as they begin their search for talented experts.
  • Promotion by ExpertFile and Archway: ExpertFile actively markets its speakers to over 20,000 global event organizers, including leading tradeshow producers and industry associations. ExpertFile will assist Archway authors in connecting with qualified contacts through a series of targeted promotional programs.
  • Easy Website Integration: Unique web widgets allow you to add a dynamic and visually appealing “snapshot” of your profile to your personal or business website. This can help drive connections to your ExpertFile account for easy management and follow up.

What authors are saying:

 “I just published my book this summer. Since registering on ExpertFile, I’ve been booked at six paying events — including one in Germany, one in Canada, and the rest here in the United States. These are all bookings that likely would not have taken place without ExpertFile. I found the platform easy to use, and I keep my profile up-to-date, full of rich-media and interesting content, so I’m attractive to event producers. I sell books at each event.” — Andrea Phillips, Author, New York City, NY

"ExpertFile is flipping the event world on its head by allowing authors like me to get in front of new audiences and empowering event organizers to find the best talent for their events.” — C.C. Chapman Author and Entrepreneur, Boston, MA

“Authors are excellent speakers at conferences, regardless of the theme. In the past few years, publishers are now encouraging their authors to develop audiences through talking about their books to audiences. I have told hundreds of authors that ExpertFile is a great way to not only promote your works, but share your expertise and thought leadership.” — Lynn Salsi, Pulitzer Prize Nominated Author, Historian, Greensboro, NC, US

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There are more than 1.8 million events featuring speakers in the United States each year. Put yourself in a position to be discovered by representatives looking to hire authors for speaking engagements at relevant events, meetings and conferences.

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