Indexing (up to 500 words)


To maximize the usability of a nonfiction title, indexing provides a quick and easy way for readers to learn more about a topic in your book. A computer-generated keyword index lists a page number for a key term each time it occurs in the book. Using strategic keywords from your book, we will create an index of your selected words during the production stage of your book design. We will alphabetically list the selected words and relevant page numbers in the back of your book for easy reference.

Readers use an index to access specific information or subjects they are interested in.

  • Book buyers, librarians, researchers, and academics may buy books based on the detail and functionality of the index.
  • A good index gives reviewers an even better reason to recommend a book.
  • Many librarians will not purchase a book without an index.

As the author, it is your responsibility to select the keywords that you would like listed in your index. This is a crucial step, and each word needs to be carefully considered. Stay away from simple, commonly used words, and focus more on specific words related to the topic of your book. Do not use simple words or words that repeat constantly throughout the text. For example, if you are writing a cookbook, do not index the word egg. Every time the word egg is mentioned, the computer will index that page. We presume that egg would show up on many recipe pages. If words are not chosen carefully, the resulting index can be overly long and unusable.

This service allows you to choose up to 500 words for indexing.

Please Note: Alphabetization is the only type of organization associated with concordance-type indexing, and only exact words are matched when using this approach.

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