Color Packages

Archway Publishing can help you publish your treasured work in full color. We offer everything you need to take your images from the camera or drawing board to the pages of your own book.


The Bright Package combines the essential services to bring your color book to life and have it available for readers in both softcover and digital formats. You can share your vibrant color book with family and friends or on a larger scale with worldwide distribution, which will make your book available to online retailers such as and 


Take your book to the next level with the Bold Package, which includes hardcover color publishing and services to make your book more appealing and available to booksellers.


The Brilliant Package includes the Concierge Service, which provides a single dedicated representative to assist you through the entire book publishing process. With Elite Cover Design, you will have expanded creative options beyond our Standard Cover Design service. You’ll work one-on-one with a professional cover designer who will be committed to creating a cover that compliments your written work and gives your book its best shot at success in today’s competitive market.