Fiction Packages

You provide the literature, and Archway Publishing supplies a combination of design, formatting, and marketing services in each fiction publishing package to ensure your book has the professionalism to thrive.


Become a published novelist with support from the Author package. This package is perfect for those hoping to share a book with family and friends or market to a smaller audience. You’ll be able to hold your printed paperback as well as see it in digital form, as an e-book. If you want to take it on the bigger selling stage, editorial services and worldwide distribution will give you an advantage.


A well-written novel deserves quality packaging to help set it up for success, which the Designer Package can provide. Archway designers follow guidelines for fiction books provided by Simon & Schuster. And, professional paperback and hardcover formatting will give you multiple selling and pricing options.


Writing a manuscript is a big accomplishment and deserves care and attention through the publishing process. The Bookseller Package includes the Concierge Service, which provides a single dedicated representative to assist you through the entire book publishing process, including submitting your manuscript, approving designs, and taking on a marketing plan.


Fiction readers are searching the web for book recommendations, reviews, and insights. The Director Package includes the services of a professional publicist who will establish an ongoing method for communicating with your target audience. The Social Media Coach service is a six-week campaign that provides you with a dedicated social media publicist who focuses on Twitter, Facebook, social media outreach, and blogging. The Director Package gives you the opportunity to build your online presence with the help of a publicity professional.


Once your book launches and is available for sale through the most popular online retailers worldwide, secure the marketing methods that will help you build a strong selling platform. The Publicist Package is designed to connect each novel with its specific audience. These marketing decisions start with crafting the best design, formatting, and distribution options for your book and include effective methods for promoting it to your target readers.