We built our Visibility package to help you sell books. Let’s look at how it does that by choosing some of the more than twenty services this package bundles together.

In March, you can get Visibility for $5,299 $4,499.

Ensure your book won’t be a one-and-done. With an assist from Visibility, your book can be this year’s Cinderella story.

One-on-One Author Support

Turning a manuscript into a quality book is not a simple process, which is why Archway Publishing keeps experts in each part of the process on staff. You’ll be assigned a publishing services associate (PSA) to you move along the process. They help you deal with editors, cover designers, book typesetters, illustrators, and the other experts your book needs.

If having an expert shepherd you through the publishing process sounds like something you’d like to learn more about, call your publishing consultant today at 1-888-242-5904, and ask:

  • How your PSA helps you navigate the confusing world of book publishing
  • Who will help if you have questions
  • Why you are an indispensable part of publishing your own book

Elite Interior and Cover Design

Basic Archway cover design is already ahead of the customized template most service providers offer. The Visibility package adds even more: our elite design services, going beyond a simple cover and book design. You choose between three initial concepts our designers will generate after research based on your book’s genre.

If you want an expert’s help in choosing between book’s design options, call your publishing consultant at 1-888-242-5904, to learn:

  • Why three cover concepts is better than one basic design
  • Why you want your interior designer to do a genre review *first*
  • What happens if you find mistakes in your book layout

Cover Copy Review

You’re undoubtedly a talented writer, but are you a copywriter? Do you know how to write to persuade, or would you rather have an expert in getting people to open books take a look at your back cover and give it the pro treatment? The Archway cover copy review service does just that.

If you think having an expert give your book descriptions another once-over sounds like a good idea, call your publishing consultant today at 1-888-242-5904 and ask:

  • Why it’s important that your cover copy be the best it can be
  • Where you can use this improved copy besides your book cover
  • What common mistakes people make that you want avoid

Worldwide Channel Distribution

When you publish your book with Archway your book will be available to distributors and booksellers around the world. That means Amazon. Kobo. Barnes & Noble online. Most importantly, the catalog brick-and-mortar bookstores order from. No one can guarantee your book will get on a bookstore shelf, but we can give you the best chance.

If you like the idea of reaching your target audience no matter where they live, call your publishing consultant today at 1-888-242-5904 to discover:

  • Why you want your book to be available everywhere
  • How Archway will help you tell potential readers where to find your book
  • Exactly how many online bookstores we’re talking about

Booksellers Return Program

Many bookstores won’t carry books unless they can return unsold copies, which is why Archway offers the Booksellers Return Program. This puts the coveted “Returnable” checkmark next to your book in those worldwide catalogs, so when you ask a bookstore stock your book, you’ve removed one big barrier to them saying “yes!”

If you want to be able to tell a bookstore manager there’s no difference between your book and any other in their catalog, call your publishing consultant today at 1-888-242-5904 and ask:

  • How long bookstores have insisted on books being returnable
  • How to tell a bookstore owner they don’t have to worry about returnability
  • How long your book stays returnable

Want To See The Runners-up?

If Visibility doesn't meet your needs, you can also save BIG on any Archway package priced $4,000 or more! Just ask your publishing consultant!