Angels Are Real—Some Even Have Fur
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It's 1967 and five-year-old David Hyler already knows that bad things happen when his father becomes angry. His best friends are his beloved stuffed dog, Ginger, and his mother. But when his mother is killed in a car accident, David's challenges become overwhelming.

After he's sent to live in an orphanage run by his paternal grandparents, David struggles through childhood and into his adult years, comforted only by his kindly grandfather, prayer, and a deep faith in God. As David's journey eventually leads him to marry a compassionate woman and care for abused German shepherds, fate brings him Cadie, an unadoptable outcast of a dog that has been returned more times than any other. After animal and human souls intertwine, David is finally provided a chance to live the kind of life he has always longed for as he finds the healing power of love, learns valuable life lessons, and embraces the joy of being cherished.

Footprints is the inspirational and true story of the power of faith, hope, love, rescue, and redemption as a broken man who has lost everything finds a second chance with an abused dog no one wanted.

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