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Overarching Experience

As an author with ambitions to publish, you have more options than ever before.

But for those with a keen eye for quality, detail and the professional touches that take a book from good to great, there is only one self-publishing option: Archway. Archway Publishing will help you bring your book to market using an effective combination of self-publishing and traditional methods. With unique resources to support fiction, nonfiction, children’s and business books, Archway Publishing offers a personalized approach to help every author reach their desired audience.

Whether you have a finished manuscript or one in the making, it’s important to find a self-publishing service that can help you achieve your goals. Archway Publishing is dedicated to helping new and emerging talents find their own path to becoming published authors.

Self-Publishing with Professional Guidance

Simon & Schuster, a company with nearly 90 years of publishing experience, has teamed up with Author Solutions, the leading self-publishing company worldwide, to create Archway Publishing.

For writers seeking the best that self-publishing can offer, Archway offers the highest quality design, formatting, editorial and marketing services, provided by a team of specialists at Author Solutions. Simon & Schuster has provided guidelines on book design, introduced certain unique self-publishing services and designed packages tailored to meet specific author objectives, and will keep an eye out for titles that perform well in the marketplace.

While Simon & Schuster has provided guidance and helped develop the publishing packages and programs available through Archway Publishing, the actual services are provided.

Publishing Excellence

5 Ways Archway Publishing Sets Yours Book Apart

1. Publishing Packages

With publishing packages for general fiction and nonfiction, business and children’s books, you can choose a publishing path that’s designed to reach and engage your book’s intended audience. Learn more »

2. Expert Design

Each book design specialist on Archway’s team follows design guidelines provided by Simon & Schuster. Learn more »

3. Production Concierge

You have the option to work with a single dedicated Archway representative who will coordinate each step of your book’s production and grow to know your book inside and out. Learn more »

4. Unique Services

Archway Publishing offers several unique services designed to help get you and your book discovered. 
Learn more »

5. Discovery Opportunities

Archway Publishing helps build the potential for your book to generate interest — whether it’s with readers, booksellers, agents or other publishers, including Simon & Schuster. Learn more »

Specialized path

A Path for Every Book

At Archway Publishing, we understand that just as all books are not the same, so too all manuscripts should not follow the same path to publication. Books in different categories speak to unique sets of readers, and Archway offers packages designed to meet your needs.

By identifying what it will take to set your book up for success with your target audience, we help enhance your book's marketability and increase the potential for your book to get noticed in the marketplace.


Trust your book to the Archway Publishing experts. Our publishing bundles can help you set your book on a path to reach the right readers, booksellers and industry professionals. Learn more »


Hard work, research and planning go into the creation of every book. Archway publishing packages are constructed around the same three elements. Each package includes services geared toward helping you reach your goals. Our team will work hard to ensure that your book’s quality will be something of which you can be proud. Learn more »


Ideas are powerful. Archway Publishing can help you share your ideas in a book and reach the business market hungry for your expertise and innovation. Each of our publishing packages has a combination of publishing and marketing services to help you succeed. Additionally, Archway offers services that not only ensure a high-quality book product, but help you build your own personal brand or platform. Learn more »


A children’s book is meant to inspire, teach, enlighten and entertain. Let Archway Publishing help you tell your story and reach your goal of becoming a children’s author and delighting children. Archway understands what appeals to educators, caregivers, parents and children alike. You will have access to tools that can help get it into their hands. Learn more »


Vibrant color images bring life to your book. Our publishing packages can beautifully present your prized photographs, enhance your graphic novel or display your culinary masterpieces. Learn more »

A Dedicated Professional

Let a Concierge be Your Guide

At Archway, we’ve created a set of services and an approach that is designed to help you achieve your specific goals.

But if you’re looking for a professional to personally guide you through the entire publishing process, you can find it in a Production Concierge.

A perk of our more advanced packages, your Concierge will know your book intimately and will be your one point of contact as your book is being created.


Marketing Services to get Your Book Noticed

When you publish a book with Archway Publishing, you make a serious commitment to doing what’s best for your work. Our talented and well-trained team of publishing professionals is here to help drive your book toward success. It’s our job to provide the expert guidance and advice it takes to give your book its best chance of getting discovered in the marketplace — not only by readers, reviewers and retailers, but by agents and publishers as well.

Unique Services

Archway isn’t like any other self-publishing service. We can set you and your book apart in the market with these specially designed services:

Exclusive Archway Event with Simon & Schuster

Network with publishing experts and fellow authors. Immerse yourself in a unique learning experience with Simon & Schuster executives. Learn more »

Bookseller Catalog

Your book can be listed in a comprehensive online database that’s used by major retailers, wholesalers, libraries, bloggers and thousands of industry professionals searching for new titles. Learn more »

Archway Speakers Bureau

Archway authors who are looking to reach new audiences and share their messages can be included in the Archway Speakers Bureau database, where authors can be found and hired for speaking engagements at events and conferences. Learn more »


Self-Published & Successful

Best-Selling Author Lisa Genova got her Start by Self-Publishing

As a first-time novelist, Lisa Genova struggled to find a publisher, so she decided to self-publish her book Still Alice. The book was later acquired by Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, and published in 2009. She landed a multiple-book deal, made The New York Times Best Sellers List and now has more than 2 million copies in print.

You’re on Your Way

With the Help of Archway Publishing

You have the words. We have the experience in self-publishing to help get them into the hands of readers everywhere. Now that you know how Archway Publishing can help you reach your goals, it’s time to get going on the path that will lead to a book designed to stand out.

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