Celestial Nuggets of Ambrosia

by Stephen Jay & Lynn Jay



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/11/2020

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 106
ISBN : 9781480897113
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 106
ISBN : 9781480897120

About the Book

Jesus assures us in a clear, concise statement of hope and promise that those who hunger and desire to be filled will be. All those who hunger for spiritual wisdom—the manna that renews and purifies consciousness—will receive it and be blessed.

Celestial Nuggets of Ambrosia presents twelve chapters revealing divine wisdom that can build Soul awareness and fuel the flight of ascension. The number twelve represents completeness, wholeness, and fulfillment in and of God, and these twelve celestial fruits are sayings—living words of truth given by Christ Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas. They form a banquet, a feast to enrich and enlighten the Souls of all who come to eat freely of the imperishable fruit of the Tree of Life.

There is one voice, the voice of Spirit, and all illuminating wisdom stems from the one. Those who are open to the message, who hear echoes of it rippling through the ethers of the cosmos, receive and pour bountifully and deeply.

The wholesome manna of celestial nuggets continues to keep your inner flame lit with perpetual inspiration, igniting your Soul on its odyssey to illumination.

About the Author

When you first meet Steve and Lynn Jay you are immediately struck by their obvious oneness of Spirit and the deep love they share. They are each one wing of a bird that took flight more than fifty years ago.

They began studying the Infinite Way in 1973 after finding a book by Joel Goldsmith and were fascinated, as all previous studies had brought them to this point.

In 1980 they moved from New York to Palm Desert, California and met other students of the Infinite Way. They were then led to the works of Herb Fitch by their Infinite Way teacher, Muriel West Jones.

In the years that followed they forged a deep friendship with Herb, and in 1993 Steve experienced the unique honor being named as an Infinite Way teacher by Herb at his San Diego Easter seminar. This occurred much to the delight of all who were in attendance. Steve felt the spiritual responsibility to be worthy of such an honor and vowed to fulfill that confidence. He was immediately invited to do a seminar the following year in Santa Rosa, California.

On May 1, 1993, the Jay family moved to Maui, and in the twenty-seven years since moving there they live a life contrary to the world, but in perfect sync for their family. They live in unified agreement following the will of God, working together as a reflection of the life they live. This is a result of multi-generations living in spiritual fellowship and Soul creativity.

In 2017 Steve and Lynn were inspired to write some of these sacred happenings, as well as soulful wisdom; spiritual feasts in four exciting new works; two of Herb’s and two of their own, which they are delighted to make available for Souls seeking deeper awareness and spiritual fulfillment.