Design Services

You’ve worked hard to make your book’s content the best it can be; now, give the same level of attention to your book’s appearance. Archway Publishing's design experts will work with you to create the most attractive look and feel for your book, with specialized page layouts and a compelling cover design that shows readers what your book is all about. 

Interior Color Illustrations

One of Archway Publishing’s talented studio artists will use your descriptions and feedback to create custom color illustrations that reflect your book’s unique style.

Interior Black-and-White Illustrations

Use custom black-and-white illustrations to add visual interest to the pages of your book. Whether you need whimsical drawings or informational graphics, our in-house artists can help.

Interior Page Layout

Using guidelines from Simon & Schuster, Archway Publishing's page design specialists will work to ensure your book’s interior layout is well-organized, visually pleasing, and consistent with the highest standards.

Cover Design

Your book’s cover says a lot to readers. An experienced Archway Publishing designer will keep your book’s target audience, genre, and unique content in mind when creating a professional cover that effectively represents your book to potential readers.