General Publishing Options

Begin your publishing journey with the publishing bundle that suits you best. 

Pathfinder Package

Our Pathfinder Package has the essential tools and support you need to get through the twists and turns of self-publishing. You will work with a team of specialists who will guide you in the publishing process. The marketing tools in your package will get you started on the path to marketing your book at your own pace.

Trailblazer Package

Our Trailblazer Package doesn’t only give you the essential publishing services and support. It’s also bolstered with unique tools such as an Editorial Assessment and a 12-month Booksellers Return Program that can help you publish the book you deserve and start your marketing campaign on the right foot.

Achiever Package

With a 24-month Booksellers Return Program and an exclusive interview at The Book Connection Show, our Achiever Package has all you need to publish and get your book where it needs to be—at the hands of your readers.

Leader Package

Our Leader Package lets you lead your own publishing journey and more. It has a Booksellers Program, a Bookstore Pitch Campaign, an exclusive interview with The Book Connection show and even a promotional video created for your book to help you get connected with your audience across the globe. You’ll also work with your very own Concierge who will assist you throughout your publishing journey.