Core Editorial

Increase the professionalism and impact of your book by eliminating spelling and grammatical errors. The Archway Publishing Core Editorial services provide your book with a thorough review of the basics, including grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure. When your manuscript is returned, you can expect clean, professionally edited text that is all set to be read and enjoyed by your audience.

Small Book Review with Editing (Under 5,000 Words)

Our editors carefully review your full manuscript (under 5,000 words) and provide you with the edits best suited to your book. This all-inclusive service is a combination of our Editorial Assessment, Line Editing and Content Editing services.


An experienced editor will correct errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation in your manuscript.

Editorial Assessment

The Editorial Assessment provides an excellent overview of the shape of your manuscript. It includes a detailed assessment form outlining your book's strengths, suggested areas for improvement, a sample Line Edit highlighting the types of errors found, and our recommendations for potential editorial services. Armed with the knowledge from this assessment, you can easily select the service that will most benefit your manuscript.

Line Editing

It is hard to catch all of the lurking typos and grammatical errors in your own work, even if you read it over and over again. Our Line Editing service goes through every line of your manuscript to catch errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization and syntax.

Content Editing

When your manuscript can benefit from more than just a Line Edit, Content Editing adds assistance with style, clarity, sentence structure, and — especially important for nonfiction books — consistency of information and ideas throughout the entire book.

Content Editing Plus

This service is ideal for manuscripts that need more help with sentence structure and grammar than Content Editing can provide.

Cover Copy Review

Our experts will take your back cover copy and turn it into professional, marketable material.