Marketing Services

Advertising Services

Advertising enables you to create awareness and interest in your book. Through Archway Publishing's Advertising Services, you can promote your book in such well-known outlets as the The New York Times and the Library Journal.

Children’s Gateway Plus

Archway Publishing has access through Baker & Taylor to numerous exclusive marketing services that place your book in front of thousands of industry decision makers searching for reliable information on the next children’s or Young Adult book to read or review.

Ingram Children’s Fundamental

Market your children’s book to parents, teachers and school boards with an ad in Children’s Advance Catalog and the Independent Voice Online Catalog.Get a global market of readers interested in your book through a network of magazines with a wide reach.

Publishers Weekly Advertising

Archway Publishing has partnered with Publishers Weekly, a trusted name in the publishing and bookselling market, to help give your book a push in the right direction.

New York Times Media Marketing

Be featured in an ad in one of the most well-known book review sources, The New York Times Sunday Book Review. With a social media platform and press release, you’ll be able to announce your book to the media and to book-lovers.