Leader Package


Your drive to create has no limits. You don’t simply write. You create to educate and influence. For you, a self-published book gives you the freedom to touch the hearts and minds of your readers while remaining true to your literary goals.

Our Leader Package lets you lead your own publishing journey and more. It has a Booksellers Program, a Bookstore Pitch Campaign, and an exclusive interview with The Book Connection show that can help you get connected with your audience across the globe. You’ll also work with your very own publishing representative who will assist you throughout your publishing journey.

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Archway Publishing Advantage:

Simon & Schuster is always on the lookout for fresh, new voices and they recognize a wealth of potential talent in Archway authors. Select Archway titles that perform well in the market are reviewed by a board made up of Simon of Schuster editors for possible acquisition by Simon & Schuster.

  • Invitation to a Simon & Schuster-attended Event

You will be invited to an exclusive event that provides the unique opportunity to ask questions and interact with other Archway authors and Simon & Schuster executives.



Your book will be available in paperback or softcover. Our softcover books are printed on high-quality, acid-free, book-grade opaque paper stock.

Our hardcover books are available in your choice of two formats: glossy casebound or dust jacket.

Once your book is printed, we can format it as an e-book to help you reach even more readers. You’ll receive royalties on each e-book sold.

Our Elite Cover Design service is intended for complex design concepts. Archway Publishing 's professional Design Team will use image manipulation to create your cover artwork.

  • Custom Page Design

Work with one of our designers to create the interior layout of your book.

If you want to include photographs, tables, charts, diagrams or other graphics and visuals in your book, simply follow Archway Publishing's image submission guidelines and we’ll place them properly within your book’s text.

  • Cover Revision (Two Rounds)

You'll have a round of revisions to perfect your cover design.

  • Interior Revision -  Block of 50 (Two Rounds)

You'll have an opportunity to perfect your sentences with a block of interior revisions.

The Archway Publishing Editorial Assessment examines a portion of your work and provides you with a specific sample edit. This edit includes changes you can make to improve your book as well as a general overview of your manuscript with constructive comments for improvement.

  • Electronic Galley

Get to review the changes and developments of your book throughout the production process with electronic galleys.

This 13-digit number is unique to your book and allows distributors, retailers, printers and readers to accurately find and order your title.

The Amazon “Look Inside” and Google Preview service gives readers a sneak peek of your book and is included in all publishing packages that contain e-book formatting.

This service offers readers a limited preview of your book, usually the front and back covers, table of contents, and first few pages—about 20% of your book will be randomly selected by Barnes and Noble.

  • New Releases Section of Archway Bookstore

Your book will be on the New Releases Section of our online bookstore.

Your book will also be available for sale online through external retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other resellers that may pick up your book from the Ingram and Baker & Taylor distribution networks.

This service gives you the chance to be more competitive in the literary market by letting you change the retail price of your book.

This service empowers you to earn substantial financial gains with every print book sold. This program runs for a 3-Year Term and ensures that you receive maximum profits from sales of your book, and that you can also order copies of your own book at heavily discounted rates.

Our Cover Copy Review service can put your cover text ahead of the rest. As with all our services we use your ideas and don’t move forward with anything until you are completely comfortable with what we’ve suggested.

With this service, your book’s electronic catalog record is made more robust and brought up to its maximum potential by our team of copywriters.

  • Author Volume Discount



A LCCN allows your book to be quickly found and cataloged by librarians and book vendors by cataloging it with the Library of Congress (LOC).



  • Unlimited Promotional Digital Bookstubs

You can use these digital codes to give free e-book copies of your book.

  • $1000 Credit for your First Book Order

Get a one-time and single-use $1,000 credit on your first author volume order.

  • Media Review Copies

 When your book gets the attention of the press, a copy of your book will be made available for them to review.



  • $500 Credit for your Marketing Services

    Your book will appear on the Edelweiss catalog, where 200,000 book professionals look for titles to add on their growing collection.

    A website is vital to any marketing strategy, helping readers discover you and your book on the internet. Enhance your promotional efforts and boost your visibility with a custom website with a free one-year hosting plan.

    • Domain Name And Hosting Renewal  – Two Years

    After your free one-year hosting expires, this service promises that your site will be functioning and secure for two more years.

    • Social Media Kit

    Discover and utilize unique techniques on how you can keep your social media sites active with this kit. Inside are practical tools that include custom banners and giveaway ideas that you can use to launch your online presence.

    BookMad provides authors like you with an easy access point for keeping up with publishing trends, while enabling readers to learn about new authors to look out for.

    • Featured Book Placement on the Archway Bookstore

    Your book will be on the Feature section of our bookstore for one month.

    • Book Launch Social Media Announcement

    Share a photo or short video of yourself holding your book for the first time and we will post it through our active social media pages for aspiring authors and avid readers to see.

    To help you test the waters of digital marketing, Archway Publishing will run banner ads for your book on Facebook, Amazon, and the Google Display Network. Each separate campaign will be two weeks long and will aim for 100,000 impressions.

    • Book Sales Savvy Guide

    Our Book Sales Savvy Guide introduces the necessary knowledge needed to promote a book in the ever-changing book marketing landscape. This guide includes advice on branding, creating marketing strategies, and online marketing.

    Your book will be designated as “Returnable” in Ingram and Baker & Taylor’sordering systems. This letsretailers and libraries know that they can return unsold print copies of your book.

    Introduce your book to booksellers with a professionally written digital sell sheet about your book. The promotional one-page file will include your book’s publishing details such as its synopsis and reviews.

    Your book will be pitched to 25 independent bookstores across the US over the span of 3 months. At least 2 retailers will agree to test your book.

    Media attention is essential when you’re trying to launch your book in today’s competitive marketplace. We’ll help you announce your book to the media with a professionally written press release. When your book gets the attention of the press, a copy of your book will be made available for them to review.

    Your package comes with a print-ready bookmark that you can use for your promotional campaigns.

    You'll receive print-ready marketing materials that you can use for your author events.

    Share your author journey through an interview on The Book Connection's the Book Round-Up segment.

    Using still images, music and words, your Book Promo Video will captivate audiences in a powerful and engaging way.

    See publishing comparison charts and full inclusions

    Note: Want to publish a full-color or illustrated book? Talk to your Publishing Consultant to find out more about this format.

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