6 Tips to Successful Publishing

Authors are an elite few. Why is that? Even after the process of writing a book is complete—which alone is a monumental task—you still have to survive the process of publishing before you graduate from writer to author. Here are six tips that will help you launch your book into the hands of readers.

  1. Set a date.

  2. The first and most important thing that you need to do is choose a due date. This is the day that you want to hold a copy of your book in your hands. The date becomes the motivation you use to finish your book.

  3. Create a timeline.

  4. The second thing you need to do is create a timeline of the tasks you must complete to meet your goals. Your timeline should include important steps, such as completing your manuscript, editing your manuscript, submitting your manuscript, and allowing time for the design of your book.

  5. Make time to work.

  6. The publishing process takes time and attention. It demands the same dedication that you gave to writing your book. Find a place to work where you can be productive and stick to your time.

  7. Tell someone.

  8. The fourth tip is to make yourself accountable to someone. It could be a friend, a spouse, an editor, an agent or a publisher. But most people need someone else to be accountable to in order to achieve any kind of goal.

  9. Start your marketing plan.

  10. Start your marketing plan before you even finish your manuscript. With the advent of social media, you can create excitement and anticipation around the launch of your book long before you’re actually finished with your manuscript.

    Also, defining your book's audience lays the foundation for promoting your book. Avoid targeting "everyone," which is a simple mistake many first-time authors make. When you try to target everyone, you often end up targeting no one. A specific, carefully defined audience leads to a good promotional plan. Once you know your audience, you can start to think about how to reach them.

  11. Educate yourself.

  12. The sixth tip is to be educated about your publishing options so you can decide which one is best for you. Research your specific genre, audience, publisher, marketing techniques and needs for your book. The more you know, the better you can prepare yourself for what's ahead.

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